LASIK Surgery for Seniors

An inevitable part of life, aging is something that we simply cannot stop no matter how much effort we put into it. As we grow older, we develop wrinkles, obtain slower reflexes and our senses eventually decline in terms of perception. As a general rule, we begin to see a slight decline in the above and our overall health when we reach about 40 years of age.

Your Eyesight and Diabetes

Diabetes is a horrific disease that affects millions of people in ways that the average, healthy human cannot understand. While you can live well into your elderly years with diabetes, there are certain rituals that a diabetic sticks to day in and day out that make it possible to live well into those years. Those rituals may involve glucose blood tests, better dietary habits, and even medication. It's not uncommon to believe that in the same way someone with the flu feels like their whole body is affected, someone with diabetes will also have other complications that affect various parts of their body - like their eyes. Diabetes, if not treated properly, can wreak havoc on a person's body and the eyes are definitely not excluded from it.

Eyeglasses and Macular Degeneration

If you've ever heard of macular degeneration and you're under the age of 50, you've likely heard of this horrific disease because one of your grandparents had it. It's a common vision disease among the elderly but many people have no idea how terrifying this disease can be. Macular degeneration causes a slow deterioration of the eye that eventually leads someone, who may not have worn glasses in their lives, to blindness. It's true that people who have never had any vision problems and have had perfect 20/20 vision for their entire lives can go blind from this disease.

Could Cataract Removal Surgery Change Your Life?

Cataracts have in the past been considered to be just a part of life. A large percentage of adults over 70, just under 80 percent in fact, find their eyesight is affected by the condition. The possible causes of cataracts include:
Being exposed to UV lightDiseases such as DiabetesHypertensionRadiationAgingTrauma
Although they are mostly found to occur with aging they can happen in the under fifties, and occasionally even in children. The cataracts can cause greatly impaired vision which can start with just clouding and progress to complete loss of eye sight. This can hugely impact your day to day life, but there is a way to reverse the condition with cataract removal surgery, or stop them from ever occurring to you.