Why the Q and A When You Go to Get an Eye Test or Buy Eyeglasses

Lets talk about patient history and symptoms. These are the first issues addressed by an optician at the outset of an eye test and this information is usually obtained by the optician asking why you have come to see them.

Predominantly, the answer to this initial question is that it is just a routine test but also it can be because the patient is unable to see as well as they would like and want to know if their glasses prescription needs changing. This is important information because if the patient is unable to see as well as they would like and their eyesight cannot be improved by changing the prescription in their specs then it is the job of the optician to find out why. I will discuss, in greater detail, the different possible reasons for this in future articles.

The optician also needs to know your general medical history as there are many conditions that can affect your eyesight such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The medicines you take for these conditions regularly have side effects that can cause problems with your eyes, so it is helpful to take a list of these with you when visiting your optician. You will be surprised to learn how seemingly unrelated conditions, and their relevant medications, can seriously affect your eyes. Again, I will cover these in much greater detail in later articles.

Your optician also needs to know what previous problems you have had with your eyes when helping you find the right eyeglasses, especially if the problem resulted in a visit to a specialist at the hospital. If a condition has already been checked at the hospital and found not to need treatment, then mentioning this can prevent unnecessary referrals. Hospital eye clinics are usually very busy and unnecessary appointments can be frustrating for both the doctor and patient.

Finally, knowing your family's eye history is very useful. Knowing if there is a history of glaucoma, short-sightedness, squints etc. helps your optician determine how at risk you are of developing the same conditions. Specifically, if you have a direct relative with glaucoma and you are over forty years of age, the NHS will pay for you to have your eyes tested every year.

It is also important to let your optician know what you mostly use your eyes for on a day to day basis, for example, if you work all day at a VDU, do lots of close up small detail work, drive for a living, etc. This will have a large impact on the final recommendations your optician makes regarding your glasses.

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Tips For Buying Cheap Eyeglasses Online

Today, buying cheap eyeglasses online is all the rage. The really cheap prices, convenience, and extensive range of frame selection, has made it such a popular choice for millions of people. When shopping for cheap eyeglasses online, you have to make sure you get eyeglasses that look great, fit properly, and match your personality. The following outlines some key points to consider when buying cheap eyeglasses online.

To make shopping for eyeglasses online easy, you must first decide if you want metal or plastic frames. Regular plastic frames are the most affordable, however when shopping online you can get cheap metal frames. There are also various types of lenses and lens coatings available. High index lenses, polycarbonate, are two choices that have grown in popularity. Also regular plastic lenses are the most affordable. Polycarbonate lenses are popular for people who play sports as they are strong and durable. They are very damage resistant making them ideal for those involved in regular physical activity.

You can also get various coatings for the eyeglasses lenses. For instance, you can get ultraviolet coating to protect from the sun's rays and anti-reflective coatings so you do not get the glare of reflections. You can also get tinted lenses. As well, you also have to determine your PD, or the distance between your pupils. An optician can help you determine your PD when you get your eyeglasses prescription. This is actually difficult to do which is why you need an optician. Remember, if you are getting cheap prescription eyeglasses online, you will have to provide a valid prescription when you place your order.

Once you have your eyeglasses prescription or your PD number, you are ready to start shopping online for cheap eyeglasses. You just have to go to reputable and established online eyeglasses retailer. They should offer a return or refund policy. You should read over the return and exchange policy before making your purchase. You can shop for eyeglasses online any time of the day and night. There are hundreds of frames in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and designs. You can also get prescription eyeglasses for to help improve vision if you have a certain type of eye conditions.

You will greatly benefit from shopping for discounted eyeglasses online. It is easy and convenient and the prices are very cheap. You can get access to a wide rage of frames that includes designer frames. Professional online retailers offer great deal on eyeglasses that cannot be matched by the traditional eye wear retailers. You can also comparison shop to find the right eyeglasses for you, Some people have a particular design and style they like and use online shopping as a way to save money and time. For your eye health, it is important keep up with you optician visits to ensure you do not have any problems and make sure your prescription is up-to-date. It is vital for everyone to maintain their eye health. If you have not tried online eyeglasses shopping before, this may be the time to start looking for quality and cheap eyeglasses online.

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Treat A Stye

Styes are caused by a bacteria, and a good way to get one of these nasty little growths is the practice of bad hygiene. Eye styes are formed from bacteria that manages to infiltrate eyelash follicles. The best way I know to treat a stye is by simply preventing them. Last year I had a friend that got these hideous growths very frequently, it made me very curious to know what caused them. These things can be so ugly, that they can make you want to hide your face for as long as the stye is visible. With this person being my friend, we shared everything, and one day after waking up from a nights rest my face was infected as well.

If you ever had one of these nasty little bumps, then you would be looking up information on how to get rid of a stye overnight. Not to brag, but my friend and myself aren't that bad in the looks department, but with this newly added hindrance we both turned from beauty to the beast. No puss filled growth on a human body ever made them happy, they only become self-conscious and worried about their appearance. Now remember my friend and I shared everything until I found out what caused me to have to get eye stye treatment.

As I stated earlier I started to study what was causing her to get styes in the first place in my effort to help her. People get styes from rubbing their eyes, poor hand washing, and, like my friend, an easy allergic reaction for the tiny microbes. I was not one of them but although I love her to death, with all due respect my friend is a bodily sanitary person but now with her hands. She may spend and receive money all day then eat without washing her hands. A person must know money and door handles are some of the most germ infested areas that we must touch. A person then touches his or her face then he or she becomes infected.

As you can see my stye was obtained by sharing mascara with my friend and nothing more. The connection between Mascara and an Eye Stye is this, a massive source of the bacteria that invades your eyelash follicles is from your mascara wand. Most folks don't realize how much bacteria is essentially on that wand. If you are especially subject to eye styes or bacterial infections, rethink how you use your mascara. Getting that last drop from the tube isn't worth a trip to the eye doctor just to treat a stye, for simply being negligent. And again, if you are subject to eye styes, replace your mascara more often than normally. It was indeed hard to tell my friend on initial discovery of why she and now I were getting these abnormal growths. When I told her we had to stop sharing mascara, or any other personal items as such, it seems she got a little offended but later she came around.

One general treatment for an eye stye is to keep the infected area completely cleaned and to apply a warm compressed face towel daily to minimize stye tenderness. Now that I know this, I hate to see women taking turns using mascara and having a chance for potentially spreading bacteria. I am now free from styes since I know what causes them. As of lately my friend and no longer share such personal item's. She still gets them periodically. But she has made great strides in her hand washing routines, and this has greatly dwindled her re occurrence of needing to treat styes. Many people want to know how to treat a stye but the best method I know is cleanliness.

I've searched for many methods for my friend to help here get rid of styes for good. One day I stumble upon his natural remedy that has cut her infections by at least 97%! Please click on the following link for a product that I fully endorse. Visit http://styetreatment.biz/ to discover the best method on the net.

Winter Lighting for Low Vision

In winter, daylight hours are considerably reduced, and even during the day the low sun and cloud cover reduces available light, especially indoors.

The lower levels of light can make reading and close tasks more difficult, especially for older people and those with existing vision problems. As we get older the amount of light entering the eye is reduced and we need more light to help the eyes to function as well as they can.

Extra light can help with tasks like reading, writing, sewing, knitting and hobbies. In general, lighting for these sorts of activities should be as close as possible without blocking your view, and be flexible enough to direct exactly where you need it most.

While ordinary ceiling lights and table lamps are fine for general room lighting, for task lighting it is better to have a lamp specifically suited for the task.

Some Types of Task Lighting

Simple adjustable tabletop task lamps are the most common type, and provide adjustable lighting that allows the light position to be moved to suit your needs. They come in a wide variety of designs, but need to be able to create a strong directional light that can be angled easily.

Floor standing lamps mean you do not need to have a table of the correct height, so are potentially more flexible for locating, although they can be heavy. Unlike standard lamps, floor standing task lights usually have at least one adjustable arm so the light can be directed correctly.

Some floor standing lamps have an additional arm with a magnifying lens attached. This is ideal for close or intricate work, or for those with low vision. It allows for maximum visibility, but leaves both hands free.

Battery powered lamps give much more flexibility in positioning, and can easily be taken with you while travelling, for hospital stays, visiting friends and family or just as you move from room to room. Some use built in rechargeable batteries which can be cost effective, while others use the standard disposable batteries.

Hand held lights are designed to produce a strong white light for occasional tasks, like reading labels and prices, and are small enough to be slipped into a pocket or purse. For small text, of course, a hand magnifier with a built in light may be a better option.

Bookstand lights are especially for those who enjoy reading, but find low light levels strain their eyes and can also be helpful for holding recipes and instructions. By mounting a light directly above a bookstand, it is directed exactly where it's needed without getting in the way.

Types of Bulbs for Task Lighting

Task lights come with different bulb types, such as traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, CFL tubes or LED Bulbs.

Most new task lights tend to use CFL or LED bulbs as these are much more energy efficient. They also produce a white light that is closer to daylight colour, leading to less strain on the eyes during extended use, such as reading.

Jonathan Elder is a web site writer for Splice Marketing. This article was written in conjunction with Rory McClenaghan, the Principal Optometrist at Southampton University Hospitals Trust who runs low vision clinics himself and is familiar with the problems and issues faced. He runs Vision Enhancers ( http://www.visionenhancers.co.uk/ ) which provides magnifiers and low vision aids to specialists and the general public. There is a wide range of task lighting for low vision available at http://www.visionenhancers.co.uk/Lighting/

Why Sunglasses Are Important After Summer

Winter is upon us as fall slowly dies down and while most of the country is seeing a dip in temperatures, other parts are still quite mild and sunny, making it feel like summer! Since most people associate sunglasses with summer-time, it's normal to feel the need to put your sunglasses away. Resist the urge because you may still need your shades long after summer is over!

Just because summer has been over for a few months, doesn't mean you don't need some form of tinted lens or eye protection. It may not be as hot outside, in fact, it may be down right freezing but the sun's ultraviolet rays are still strong! There are a few conditions where sunglasses may come in handy: driving, outdoor activities, and sporting activities. Let's discuss, one by one, why each of these conditions warrants a handy pair of shades.

When it comes to driving, it may not be enough to have a pair of eyeglasses with an anti-glare coating on the lens. You may need something more for sun exposure. This makes sunglasses ideal! You'll be able to block out the sun's glare, along with some of the harmful light, just by putting on tinted lenses. To add to it, if your lenses contain an anti-glare or anti-reflective coating, you'll cut out the glare caused by the sun's reflection on things like car hoods and windshields - this will increase your vision and driving ability. Add an ultraviolet protective coating and you're nearly set for the road! The UV protective coating will absorb those harmful UV rays and keep them from harming your eyes. Regardless of what season it is, it's a good idea to wear sunglasses while driving. Even in the winter-time, light can bounce off of the snow and ice which can impair your vision. This makes sunglasses, particularly with polarized lenses, even more important!

Heading outdoors? Whether you're going to a pumpkin patch, apple picking, or just to see your favorite football team play their lead rivals - you may want to bring your sunglasses with you! Any time spent outdoors warrants the usage for sunglasses. While regular glasses with a UV protective coating on the lenses may be enough for those gloomy fall days, the sunny ones require a bit more protections from UV rays and glare. Additionally, people become a bit more light-sensitive in the fall, so it's better to be on the safe side and protect your eyes before ultraviolet rays damage them.

Athletes know how important it is to protect their eyes while playing sports! Wearing protective gear will prevent eye injury and most of today's sports goggles and sports eye glasses can be made tinted, so if you're up for a game of tennis in the fall, make sure you find sports eye glasses online that have the correct tint - it'll help you play better. The same goes with golfers and fishermen and their glasses can even be made with an eyeglasses prescription.

Hillary Glaser is a social networking specialist and expert in cross-media promotion, currently working on promoting prescription eyeglasses. She is the Director of Marketing and Special Projects for GlassesUSA.com - the easiest way to buy glasses online, which now offers free shipping on all US orders with the code FreeShip10.

Taking a Look at Cataracts

Cataracts is the leading cause of blindness worldwide, and obviously can't be helped with eyeglasses. In the western world, with good access to surgery, it is usually easily treated and does not lead to permanent blindness. Unfortunately, in the third world, access to the surgery is very limited and so leads to millions of people having permanent blindness.

A cataract is the formation of opacities in the lens in your eye. Your lens sits just behind your pupil and is responsible for changing the focus of your eye when you do any close up work. From the moment you are born, your lens gets slowly harder and harder. This results in less focusing power and you begin to notice this at around the age of forty when you start to need reading glasses.

At around the age of sixty, the lens completely solidifies, resulting in the complete loss of focusing power. The next phase of this process is for the lens to form opacities that block the light entering your eye. This is a cataract.

There are different types of cataracts and they all have different effects on your vision. I will briefly discuss these different types below.

A common type is a posterior sub capsular cataract. As the name suggests, it is found at the back of the lens. This type of cataract need not be very large before it causes vision loss. This is because it is usually directly in front of your central vision and so becomes very noticeable. This type of cataract is sometimes associated with the use of steroids.

Nuclear cataracts are a general hardening and yellowing of the lens. This can cause an increase in shortsightedness. This results in a need to regularly change your eyeglasses. Some people will notice this change when they suddenly don't need their reading specs any longer.

Cortical cataract is another common form. It appears as spoke like wedges in the peripheral lens. This doesn't cause a great loss of detailed vision until quite advanced, but does cause a lot of glare problems, especially when driving.

The treatment for cataract is surgery. It is only local anaesthetic surgery and the procedure usually takes only 20 minutes. It is low risk, but there is a risk. Around 2 in 100 people end up with worse vision than they started with and around 1 in 1000 will lose sight altogether.

Cataracts are a natural part of the aging process and will affect everyone if we live long enough. There is very little that can be done to prevent them, however, the use of UV protecting sunglasses throughout the whole of your life may delay them. Spectacles don't need to be designer ones. As long as they have the ce mark, they should have UV protection.

Craig Leaver is a profesisonal optician and owner of http://www.myeyeglasses.co.uk/ an online shop for designer glasses and Eyeglasses.

Craigs deication to caring for his patients visual health and their pocked drives him on his daily quest for caring quality.

Hand Eye Coordination

Hand eye coordination is an important skill. It factors into nearly all of your daily activities and can be dangerous if you are poorly coordinated. Exercises can help you to increase this skill, which will in turn improve nearly all other actions.

Why Do You Need Hand Eye Coordination?

Hand eye coordination is the skill that links the information you perceive visually with the behavior that you need your hands to perform. The better your coordination, the faster your reflexes will be and the more efficiently you will be able to function. Nearly all daily activities require good hand eye coordination. Driving is a particularly important one of these activities. It allows you to control the car depending on the situation in which you drive. For example, if you see something on the road and must suddenly swerve, you need good coordination for your brain to tell your hands to perform the action. You also need to use this skill to do simple things such as catching things that you drop, or moving things into place properly.

Hand Eye Coordination Exercises

Exercises can help you improve your hand eye coordination through teaching your brain and your actions to cooperate. There are many games that can be played to improve the skill, especially those that are created to simulate sports such as tennis, volleyball and hockey. In these sports you must perceive the movement of the ball and perform specific actions directly related to this movement. Many games aimed to promote coordination are online so they are readily available and can be played whenever and wherever you have access to a device and the internet. These games can be particularly fun and addicting, meaning that you will see results quickly without even feeling like you are doing something beneficial.

Improving Vision

An important part of hand eye coordination is good vision. It is impossible for your brain to respond to visual cues properly if you are not seeing clearly. This means that improving and maintaining your vision is crucial to everyday function. There are many eye exercises to improve vision. Like any other muscles in your body, your eyes need regular exercise to be healthy. These exercises can be as simple as blinking or tracing imaginary shapes with your eyes. Eye exercises to improve vision work the muscles around the eyes, as well as those in the eyes, that help your eyes to focus and see clearly.

For more information about hand eye coordination exercises and eye exercises to improve vision visit our website restoreeyesight.com.

Advantages of Toric Lenses

Eye vision problems are quite common today, and so are usage of contact lenses to correct them, instead of the regular spectacles. Toric lenses are one such special kind of advanced lenses contact that have the ability to correct different vision problems at the same time and also come with many advantages. This articles discusses about all of them.

What are Toric Lenses

Toric contact lenses are soft lenses used to correct the eye condition called astigmatism. Astigmatism is an eye defect that hampers the ability of eye to focus an object into a clear image on the retina, leading to blurred vision. This happens because of irregular(Toric) curvature of the cornea or eye lens. The Toric Lenses are specially designed with two different curvatures to provide two different powers(called bi-focal contacts) that helps in correcting astigmatism eye, hyperopia(Farsightedness) or myopia(Shortsightedness) or both.


- They can resolve both hyperopia and myopia problems at once, without the need of any eyeglasses.

- Toric lenses are sphero-cylindrical lenses having surfaces with two different radii of curvature in orthogonal planes, that fit the eyeball perfectly, retain their shape over the eye and go well with the natural behavoiur of eye. This is because, they are designed using PC(phosphorylcholine) Technology, phosphorylcholine is a natural material found in human cell membrane. They have a stabilized symmetrical behaviour, which makes it comfortable to wear them for long time, unlike the normal cheap lenses that can irritate eyes to cause infections and other troubles in the long run. Toric lenses also provide you excellent visual clarity.

- Major part of these lenses is water that maintains the natural moistness of the eye, avoiding the common problem of dryness because of using contact lenses.

- Sometimes, Astigmatism can effect only one eye, in this case, you can use a Toric lens for one eye and a regular spherical lens for other.

- Toric lenses come in different forms that you can use according to your needs and comforts, like frequent replacement lenses, disposable lenses, as well as extended wear that you can wear comfortable up to 30 days. They are available in variety of designs and materials to suit your style. Soft lenses, rigid and gas-permeable lenses are popularly used.

- You also have an option of changing your eye color while correcting astigmatism. These coloured lenses come in variety of natural colors that will enhance the hue of your eyes, adding to your facial beauty.

You can readily buy contact lenses online. There are many online stores and dealers that sell quality Toric contacts for less prices.

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Many People Opt For Lasik Surgery Despite Its Cost

For correcting the vision problems of people, LASIK or laser assisted in situ keratomileusis is a highly effective surgical procedure. But, the doctor will not immediately decide to conduct this refractive surgery for problems like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The surgeon will study and evaluate the acuteness of your problem and then only, will make a decision. There are a few tests that help the doctor to assess the nature of these problems. But, if you wish to have these problems corrected permanently, you may have to request the doctor to conduct this surgery.

This surgery involves reshaping of the cornea without damaging its surroundings. But, the fact is that it is a critical surgery and therefore, the doctor should be highly skilled. Not all eye surgeons will be able to conduct this operation. Another point is that the equipments required for conducting the operation are also expensive. The surgery also involves high emission of lasers at various frequencies. So, the total cost of the LASIK eye surgery is very high. That is why you are advised to have an insurance that covers the total cost of the surgery so that you will not feel the pinch of the financial burden it may cause.

You must remember that if you want your surgery to be conducted by a reputed surgeon, you will have to incur a huge expenditure. If the track record and popularity of the doctor you choose are very good, it is certain that there will be a high demand for the surgeon. It is a simple economic theory that when the demand goes up, the cost also goes up.

Additionally, the cost of the surgery depends also on nature of your vision problem. The doctor will conduct several tests to evaluate the acuteness of your problem. If the problem is quite serious, you will be billed heavily and conversely, if it is not very serious, you may not incur a high cost.

The internet is a good source that will help you to research and locate a competent doctor who may conduct this surgery at affordable costs. You should never commit the mistake of taking the cost factor alone into account for choosing an eye surgeon. For knowing the total cost, you should add the costs of post-operative care and follow-up treatments also to the cost of the surgery.

LASIK eye surgery involves the use of a highly advanced equipment to remove and pull back a thin layer present on the cornea. This is done for exposing the bed of the cornea. For correcting your vision problem, the eye surgeon will do the required alterations only on the bed of the cornea. Once the doctor effects the alterations, he or she sets back the thin layer into its original position. Patience and accuracy are the main keys for the success of a LASIK eye surgery. Of course, the expertise of the doctor also counts.

Since a lot of innovations and improvements have taken place in this field, eye surgeons are able to conduct these surgeries with a greater accuracy than what it was a few years back. But, these innovations have contributed heavily to the increase in the costs of these surgeries. At the same time, there is no denying of the fact that more and more people are opting for this surgery for correcting their vision problems despite their heavy costs. A study reveals that more than 90% of people who have decided to undergo this surgery have expressed satisfaction over its results.

If you take into account all the costs that include the cost of the surgery, the costs of the equipments, the post-operative costs and the costs of follow-up treatments, the total cost of a LASIK eye surgery may come to $2,000 to $2,500 per eye.

Getting Bigger, More Beautiful-Looking Eyes

Big eyes are a sign of youth, health and beauty. You have probably tried many different products and methods, and done a lot of research on how to make your eyes look bigger. Perhaps you have even considered some form of expensive, painful cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance of your eyes and undo some of the damage that can be done through overexposure to sunlight, stress, fatigue and other factors. With a few little eye secrets, however, you can avoid the knife and still achieve beautiful results.

If your eyes are naturally big you are very fortunate, and you can just focus on bringing attention to your eyes rather than actively attempting to make them look larger. If you have small, oddly spaced, or heavily hooded eyes, however, there are still things you can do to make them look bigger. For many of these options there is no need to buy eye secrets materials. Rather, you will use items you probably already have.

• One thing that makes eyes look small and tired quickly is swelling. Taking down the swelling will allow your eyes to open more, making them appear larger. There are many methods for how to make your eyes look bigger by reducing swelling but some of the most popular are relaxing with cut cucumbers, cooled tea bags or a refrigerated mask over your eyes.

• Makeup can do wonders in enhancing the appearance of your eyes. Eye liner is often misused, being applied too thickly or in an unflattering shape. If you wish to make your eyes look bigger try using a less harsh shade of eyeliner than black such as charcoal, dark blue or brown, only applying the liner on your upper lids, and extending the line slightly past your eye line to give the illusion of size.

• Glasses can give the illusion of smaller eyes. Try wearing contacts or choose glasses without rims or with very subtle rims. This will bring more attention to your actual eyes rather than to your glasses which will make them look bigger. The contacts will go even further in creating this illusion. Bright, open eyes are easier to see and perceive when not covered with heavy glasses.

Making your eyes look bigger can go a far way in enhancing your appearance. You will look younger, healthier, better rested and more approachable. A few simple makeup tricks, rest, and even some products meant to support the eye structure, can make your eyes look bigger quickly, easier and without having to resort to extreme cosmetic surgical measures.

For information about eye secrets review and where to buy eye secrets visit our website howtomakeyoureyeslookbigger.com.

Keratoconus and Hydrogel Contact Lenses

For people with Keratoconus contact lenses are often the best way to achieve vision correction. There are many different types of lenses and this article looks at the limitations of Hydrogel lenses for Keratoconus.

Keratoconus is a disease of the eye. The cornea, which is the front part of the eye, thins and becomes misshapen leading to the front of the eye developing an irregular 'cone' shape.

This bulging effect results in distortion of the light entering the eye causing blurring and ghosting of images.

While spectacles may produce some correction for early, or very mild, cases of Keratoconus, once the condition progresses beyond a certain point it becomes impossible to get reasonable correction with spectacles.

Contact lenses are often the next form of correction used, however there are many different types of contact lenses and some of them are more effective than others.

Hydrogel lenses are what are sometimes called 'soft' contact lenses.

Traditional Hydrogel lenses are very soft and flimsy and as such they fit very closely to the cornea of the eye.

This has the advantage of making them very comfortable to wear and this is, of course, one of the reasons they have become the most popular kind of lenses for normal vision correction.

However, this close fit makes them of very limited use in the treatment of Keratoconus.

Because they fit very closely, they form the same shape as the cornea. As it is this very shape of the cornea that is the basic cause of vision problems in someone with Keratoconus, the correction offered by these very soft and thin lenses is minimal.

If you imagine that a normal eye is rounded like a soccer ball and an eye with Keratoconus is shaped more like the end of a rugby ball. In order to correct vision the shape at the front of the eye needs to be made as close to the normal shape as possible.

A traditional Hydrogel lens is like laying a cloth over the end of the rugby ball. It moulds to the contours and the light coming into the eye is still distorted.

In the last few years there have been some advances in contact lens material technology. New materials have allowed the creation of contact lenses that are slightly thicker than traditional hydrogel lenses.

Although they retain much of the comfort of soft lenses they have more of a tendency to hold their own shape rather than just draping over the surface of the eye.

This means that they can be more effective for some cases of Keratoconus than has previously been possible with hydrogels. Having said that they are still of limited effect if the condition becomes more severe.


Find out more about Keratoconus, treatments and living with the condition at WHAT IS KERATOCONUS!


How Cataract Eye Surgery Helps Over 60s Enjoy Life

Cataract eye surgery is a life changing occasion for many people. Cataracts are common and although they are not life threatening they can be very difficult to live with. Everyday tasks can become challenging and activities like sports, craft work, reading or even driving can often no longer be carried out. This can have a seriously detrimental effect on a person's life. They often begin to develop when people are in their 40's or 50's but are often undiagnosed as they show no signs they are present at first. Over time however they expand and grow across the eye. As the cloudiness gets worse so does a person's eyesight. What starts as a mild blurriness can lead to virtual blindness.

There are many symptoms that accompany cataracts. Blurred or double vision is very common. Poor night time vision is almost certainly a guarantee. Often eyes become very sensitive to bright lights and the appearance of halos around light bulbs or other lights is common. As the lens of the eye continues to be affected by cataracts it can even start to change colour. Normally the lens is clear but it can start to become yellow or brown in colour. This means that the person sees everything with a yellow or brown tint to it. Colours can also fade considerably and sometimes blues and purples can only be seen as black.

When eyesight is as bad as this, certain activities like driving or watching television for example become impossible. With poor quality vision driving becomes simply too dangerous to do. For many people this can have a huge effect on their life. Being able to drive brings independence and freedom and without it people are left having to rely on others instead. Reading can also become difficult to do. Whether it is small print in a newspaper, books or magazines, the eyes just cannot focus on the detail in the way they could before the development of the cataract. Many everyday activities and tasks become extremely difficult to do which can be very frustrating.

Thousands of people have been helped with cataract surgery. Refractive lens exchange involves taking the existing cloudy lens of the eye away and replacing it with an artificial one. Surgery restores eyesight almost instantly. Many people who have had to endure gradually worsening sight can suddenly see clearly again, drive a car, read a newspaper and do all the things that had become virtually impossible. Refractive lens exchange is very quick and it takes just a couple of days to recover from. It doesn't hurt at all and eye sight returns to its youthful state.

Cataracts are extremely common in those over 60 but there is help available. Refractive lens exchange is very safe and few complications can occur. Typically the procedure takes just 20 minutes per eye. Once the eyes have healed, which only takes a short time, normal life can resume. Many people who have undergone treatment have been able to start enjoying a wide range of activities that were previously off limits. People can start taking part in activities like tennis, golf, swimming and other sports for example. As well as being able to drive again and read a book you will also be able to read signs, look at departure time tables at the train station, and just generally enjoy clearer vision and vivid colours again.

When the eyes become badly affected by cataracts, everyday life can become frustrating and difficult. Even simple things become difficult and take a long time to do with poor eyesight. Because the fine detail is lost it can even be hard to see people's faces and their expressions. Having a simple procedure done to correct the problem can bring a new lease of life to anyone suffering from cataracts. Thousands of people have undergone treatment and been totally amazed at the results.

Cataract removal can transform lives. There are few possible intraocular lens implant complications to worry about too when it comes to cataract eye surgery. The procedure is safe and the recovery period is very short. If your eyes have developed cataracts there is help available and you don't have to experience gradually diminishing eyesight.

Kate Dawson writes articles for Clarivu, a cataract removal operation involving replacing the natural lens of the eye with advanced synthetic lenses. This cataract eye surgery is proven to be successful, and the surgeon will be happy to explain any intraocular lens implant complications.

Could Refractive Eye Surgery Solve Your Eye Problems

There are many conditions that can be rectified simply be taking out the old and deteriorated lens from your eye and replacing it with an artificial one. If you are looking to throw away your glasses and live without the hassle of dealing with contact lenses on a daily basis there is a chance that this option is suitable to you. Refractive errors are very common, this is when the eye is unable to focus in one way or another. One of these conditions is known as Presbyopia eye correction surgery.

Presbyopia is simply caused by time, the ability to read without the assistance of glasses decreases for many people as they grow older. This can be a singular problem or it may be combined with other issues. Either way it is possible to replace the lens and eliminate the need to have glasses on when you want to focus on reading anything.

Common Eye Irregularities That Can Be Improved with Lens Implants

There are many other conditions that could be repaired by putting in a new lens in both of your eyes. This process only takes around twenty minutes per eye, and can last for a lifetime. The other common refractive errors are:

Myopia - This is being short sighted so that everything close to you looks good, but anything in the distance can appear blurred.Astigmatism - This irregularity can cause blurred vision and is caused when the cornea is deformed.Hyperopia - Being long sighted is again a very common ailment. The objects that are close to you may be blurred while you are able to see things clearly at distance.

Another problem which is surprisingly common in the over fifties are cataracts. This is when the lens becomes clouded and the vision is affected. As cataracts can result in the loss of vision many people are willing to invest in their eyesight and pay the relatively small price per eye for having good eyesight for the rest of their lives.

What Do People Think of the Surgery?

It is always a good idea to look over refractive lens exchange reviews before you go ahead and book the free consultation. Hearing how the life of others has changed can put your mind at ease about the whole procedure. Most people are thrilled by not having to reach for their glasses every time that they wanted to read anything. You can view some wonderful testimonials by happy customers by looking online which can explain the positive impact that replacing lenses can deliver.

Most people leave the hospital and discover that they are able to read small print or see more clearly within a few hours. By the following day you will be a lot more comfortable after the surgery and able to go ahead and live your day without having to use glasses or contact lenses.

Possible Problems and How to overcome them

Although you may read about all of the positive refractive lens exchange reviews it is helpful to know some of the possible after effects that you may experience. Some people find that they have sore eyes for a couple of days after the treatment. In this situation you will be able to make use of the aftercare which is included in the cost of your surgery. A prescription of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops will be given to you and soon your eyes will feel a lot better and more comfortable.

Very occasionally some people notice that they need to have their lenses carefully altered in order to achieve the perfect vision they were aiming for. In addition to this another rare issue can be that clouding is noticed after a few months of having the lens replacement surgery. This is not a major problem as it is possible to sire out both of these problems with a simple laser treatment.

The risks are small but it is always a good idea to know what they are before you continue with the refractive eye surgery. If you have any questions you can bring them up at the consultation and the whole process, including the risks, will be properly explained to you in full.

Refractive eye surgery can solve many eye irregularities. Read some of the refractive lens exchange reviews before deciding to go ahead with the presbyopia eye procedure.

Kate Dawson writes articles for Clarivu, a refractive eye surgery for the effective correction of eye conditions. This successful cataract and eye procedure has led to customers posting many refractive lens exchange reviews who now enjoy much better lives without glasses.