Cheap Spectacles - How To Check The Quality Of The Frame

In the past, buying cheap spectacles online usually meant that the product you purchased would sometimes be of very low quality and would often offer very poor vision through the edge of the lens. Generally, this has all changed now with the introduction of more efficient lens glazing machinery and mass-produced quality materials which are used to make the frames. This means that, in some cases, you can actually buy a pair of quality spectacles for under £100 from a good independent optician and under £40 from a good, reputable online optician's website. But don't be fooled into thinking that everyone who offers cheap spectacles are offering a quality made product. There a many unscrupulous businesses out there that claim their products are of the highest quality when, in fact, they are not. The only real way to tell if a prescription glasses frame is any good is to inspect the hinges of the frame and also the parts where the frame has been soldered. This can tell you an awful lot about the actual quality of the spectacle frame.

First of all, if you have recently purchased a pair of cheap spectacles from or store or a website then check the springs inside the hinges of the arms. If you can splay the arms to about 30 degrees further than the upright/open position then this is a good sign that the hinges have been made well. Also, check that when you release the arms from the splayed position that they spring back smoothly and with ease. After you have checked the frame arms it's now time to have a closer look at where the frame parts have been soldered together. Check to make sure that the solder points are hardly noticeable. If you find that, on inspection, you can clearly notice lumps of solder where the frame has been put together, then this generally means that the workmanship is poor. All good quality cheap pair of spectacles should be soldered properly with the soldered parts of the frame being almost unnoticeable. This is just a couple of things that you can check to ensure that the spectacles you have purchased are of decent quality build.

If you find a website or opticians shop that claims to sell cheap spectacles then it's worth calling them, if they have a telephone number, to ask if they have a non-satisfaction money back guarantee. Most prescription glasses suppliers who offer this guarantee will generally sell quality products as the guarantee is there to reinforce that they are confident about the quality of their products. Also, ask about the quality of their lenses as well. It's always reassuring to know that the company you are buying your cheap spectacles from use quality branded lenses with their frames. Sometimes, depending on your prescription, buying cheap lenses can lead to distortions around the edges of the lens. Try to make sure that whoever you are buying your prescription glasses from are fitting them with decent optical lenses from a decent and reputable lens manufacturer. This will ensure that your cheap spectacles will offer you the best possible vision.

Jim Romand currently works as a specialist prescription lens technician for an online lens retailer specialising in cheap spectacles


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