What To Expect For Post-Surgery Care When You Have LASIK Eye Surgery

Aside from the actual procedure, post-operative treatment is one of the things which LASIK patients keep worrying about most. Should I be in serious pain? Am I allowed to drive? At what time can I resume employment?

Laser eye surgical procedure has become the most minimally bothersome surgical procedures it is possible to undergo when it comes to time to recover. There are several vital after-care details you can anticipate from an eye doctor though. Following your surgeon's variety of do's together with don'ts immediately after LASIK procedure is essential for your personal healthy and also speedy recovery.

In case you're looking into laser eye operation, these are some of your do's as well as don'ts that you could expect to have following an individual's treatment.

What You SHOULD Do Subsequent To The Procedure

DO have a person or even a relative drive: right after a person's surgical procedure, you'll need a specific driver in order to get you home properly.

DO employ eye drops as advised: Carter Eye Center instructs patients to utilize the actual given by doctors eye drops each and every couple of hours the night surgery is completed. While doing so, you're going to be made to pull off your own eye guards, insert drops, and also quickly replace the eye shields. Don't be concerned -- the shields will only need to be used throughout sleep, and only for that first couple of weeks following the medical operation.

DO eat or drink what you would like: Post-operative LASIK clients should try to indulge in whatever foods or fluids they want, other than alcohol in all forms. Longing for ice cream? Do it now! Feel the need for that burger and french fries? Indulge!

DO put on protective eyeglasses for the duration of sporting events and also high-risk actions: It's not needed to exist in some sort of bubble after undergoing LASIK surgery, but if you may be engaging in activities which will enhance your likelihood of eye injury -- such as, sports or lawn-mowing -- using safety glasses is recommended.

DO go ahead and resume work plus typical activities: There's no reason to seclude your own self for a long time just after LASIK surgery. Regular activities may be started again the day after.

Don'ts Just After The Procedure

DON'T fret in case you go through soreness: Some eye uncomfortableness isn't surprising soon after having any medical procedure. To lessen this, keep your eyes shut whenever you can just after your surgery, until you arise the day after. It's Okay to open up them for brief stretches to eat, drink and utilize eyedrops. Over-the-counter pain relievers will be appropriate to use.

DON'T rub your eyes: For two weeks just after surgical treatment, it's very important Don't rub your eyes.

DON'T get soap or even H2O straight within your eyes: Keep away from that for 2 weeks right after your procedure. In the event that soap as well as water does indeed get in your own eyes, put your head downward and also close your lids, so your tears will definitely wash them away. Swimming, hot tubs in addition to aquatic adventures should be unquestionably avoided throughout these 14 days.

DON'T use eye makeup: Mascara and eye liner mustn't be used for three days soon after LASIK eye surgery. Waterproof make up should not be used for a couple weeks. Extreme caution should be observed whenever taking off makeup.

DON'T overlook post-op appointments: Post-op care is critical just after LASIK surgery, therefore make sure to be present at all post-operative visits and bring your own post-operative kit with you. Your first appointment following the procedure ought to last approximately 30-45 minutes.

When you are ready to start your journey toward glasses-free eyesight, get in touch with Carter Eye Center right now and plan your own Dallas LASIK consultation!


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