Get the Job With Glasses

Everyone out there can give you a list of Do's and Don't's when it comes to your upcoming job interview. 'Make sure to give the interviewer eye contact!' 'Don't forget a firm handshake!!' And how about the classic: 'Be sure that you dress to impress!' But just how important are any of these pieces of advice? It could be that they actually don't weigh as much as you may think - and possibly other aspects you typically don't think about, are noticed!

Despite all of the common rituals and perceptions that we have going into an interview, one of the last things we think about are why we should or should not wear our daily eyeglasses. While usually it doesn't even cross our minds, some people do question whether or not to wear their glasses frames when heading out to the next interview, but how often do they wonder why? Since glasses frames sit right on our faces and cover up our eyes, they've grown to have a stigma that in certain important circumstances: they simply shouldn't be worn, like at: weddings or first encounters. However, according to a recent study, forty-three percent of adults think that the average person who wears glasses look more intelligent, while one-third of those polled believe they also look more professional!

Due to the age-old stereotype that glasses make you look more intelligent - which, by the results of this study, are still holding strong - you may just have a better chance of landing your next interview with the frames on your face! According to Cary Cooper, a psychology professor from Lancaster University, it may have something to do with the fact that when people don their favorite spectacles, they feel more confident. However, with that said, it can be argued that the confidence they receive may also have come from that old stereotype, itself. Ultimately, it's a paradox. While, we're not completely sure why it is this way, or which came first, it can be safely said that employers would rather hire confident, intellectual, and professional staff.

You should certainly try just about any trick when it comes to landing the job! Be sure to follow all of the common rituals of an interview, like eye contact and firm handshakes; but also try to mix it up and add a few extra techniques. Even if you don't need prescription glasses, grab a clear pair of cheap eyeglasses at your local optical shop - or, even better: shop online! You'll save a lot more and not skimp on the quality! You can find lots of great eye glasses online - whether you need regular clear lenses for your 'more intelligent' look, or actual prescription eyeglasses. So, next time you're getting ready to go for an interview, try this approach; you might just get the job with the help of your glasses!

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